April Wrap up, 2017

I read six books in April. Although three of them are Children’s book from A Series of Unfortunate Events, it is still a good reading month for me 😀 I have one five star read, and some three to four stars.


Audrey is a girl who has social anxiety. Because of that she cannot go to school, and has to wear sunglasses even when she’s at home. Her brother is very interested in gaming, and has formed a gaming team to compete in a gaming competition. One of the boys from her brother’s team came to Audrey’s house for practice one day, and freaked her out. But of course they begin their story after that.

The whole book was sweet and funny. I think the author did a very good job describing social anxiety disorder. I never experienced such a strong social anxiety, but this book helps me to understand more. And I appreciate Audrey is getting support from her family and friends. And I loved the little stories around side characters, for example, Audrey’s brother’s gaming dream. As a amateur gamer who always watch gaming competition, let me just take a minute to appreciate this book for representing a little bit game players.

However, there are still some things that bugs me. First of all, her family brought a million questions to me, especially the mum. Audrey’s mum was definitely a control freak. At first I am not sure if parents should be come together with their children during a psychological counseling. After some research, I find out they apparently can or should do that. But the mum’s attitude made me think “why do you come at the first place”. Not to mention at the beginning of the book, her mum wanted to throw her brother’s computer out of the window. Therefore, although the author explained why and how things became that way, I don’t think the story later about her mum is reasonable.

Overall it’s a delightful book to read and I really enjoyed listening to it on audio book.


This book is a must read for all of us. And I am so sorry to see this book is set in present time.

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Do I need to introduce this book? I thought every body in this universe have read it!

Simon, the main character (apparently), is gay but have not come out to his family and friends yet. The only person who knows he’s gay is his email pen pal Blue. They go to the same school but never met in person. One day Simon used school’s public computer for his email and forgot to log out. And here we go, the person used the computer after Simon read his email and blackmailing him for that, in order to be friends with a girl who is Simon’s friend.

This book is all around Simon’s high school life, his friends and his families. There are some high school conflicts in the story but not crazy. I adore the way that Simon and Blue communicate through email. That reminds me of having a pen pal (via letters) in high school. (Although it makes me feel old lol) And I heard many people saying this book is so realistic, their high school life was the same as Simon’s. Personally I don’t know if the book is super realistic as so, because I did not go to high school in the US. But I liked their life very much.

And one of the side character Leah, omg I loved her so much. I feel related to her and I can feel her every struggle. I think we all have that point in life, that we feel not confident enough, and our friends are meeting a upgraded version of us. Maybe it’s because of puberty, maybe it’s because of we are trying to become a better person than we already are. So Leah surprised me in this book, and made me loved her even more.

Simon vs (1)

Three Baudelaire children was playing at beach one day, when their neighbor Mr. Poe came and told them their parents died because of fire. Now Mr. Poe helps them dealing with their fortune, and helps them to find relatives to live with. Hence, their lives have became neither delightful nor hopeful.

First book: The bad Beginning.

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Second book: The Reptile Room

This is my favorite book so far at this point (I am at book 5). Because from this book, you have the villain became creeper and creeper. I was literarily thrilled reading some of the scenes.

Third book: The Wide Window

I found this book is a little bit dull, although there is actually some action scenes in it. But I found this book’s plot is kind of similar with the first two. So the actions and tensions did not help the story. And in this book, Mr. Peo was not only unhelpful, but also annoying.