My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry | Book Review

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“Do you know where pirates park their cars?”

Elsa is a 7 years old girl who is smarter and more mature at her age, that makes her different. Because of the uniqueness, she does not have friends at school and actually the only friend she has is her grandmother. She is obsessed with superheros and Harry Potter, and explore a magic kingdom called Miamas along with her grandmother.

I ABSOLUTELY loved this book.

First thing first, I loved Granny. She is the most brilliant, positive and humorous person I have ever read in books (met in real life). She has her own rules for the world which can be understand as no rules at all. At first you met her as a lovely and funny character, with the story goes on you discover more about her together with Elsa. From the story you can tell she’s a strong woman, for example she used to be a great doctor, and she cares about others and solving problems in her way.

And Elsa is wonderful as well. The author was so detailed about how iPad generation is different from elder generation. She has her own way to understand the world, and when she’s not, she just Wikipedia it. I loved the connection Elsa had with other people, Granny, mum, dad and others. She tried her best to understand others, and get different qualities from her relatives. She is sensitive because of the divorce of her parents, but she also thoughtful because of that.

I liked the book saying :”It is possible to love your grandmother for years and years without really knowing anything about her.” The book not only told the hidden story behind Granny, but also did a great job about other people. Every character is completed with a fantastic personality.

And last but not least, I love the story telling of the author. I can’t imagine an author can drive my emotion around like Fredrik Backman. There is some un-enjoyable character from the beginning but you end up caring for, or even love. The writing and the translation is just beautiful.

It is not a fast reading book, but you still get to explore the little mysteries behind everybody. I highly highly recommend this book.


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