— I joined the BookTube community with my May TBR! –Yeah! –So scary and nervous and excited at the same time.  lol


This is a story about a 7 years old girl called Elsa, who is different from other children in her school, and very mature at her age. She does not have any friend at school. Her best friend in her entire life is her grandmother. The granny was 77, and always tells her about some magic kingdom called Miamins. Where you can go to when you are half awake. One day her grandmother passed away, and left letters to Elsa, asked her to say sorry to other people in granny’s life.

Some part of the book is humorous and made me laugh out loud. But there are also some parts really sad and made me cry. So I am looking forward to finish this one this month. And also it’s due in my library within 5 days, so I have to read it.


One Man’s Meat is an essay collection by EBWhite. E.B.White was a journalist, and a writer for the magazine New Yorker. He wrote children’s books as well. This book records his daily life at a Maine saltwater farm.

E.B.White is my favorite author of all time, and I actually have read this book in Chinese. But I want to read an original one as well. I don’t plan to finish this book in May, however, I plan to read 1 to 2 essays per day and finish it June.


I am currently at book 5 of this series.

These books are about three Baudelaire children, whose parents died in an accident and left a big amount of fortune. Now they have to go and live with their relatives. The reason I am so hurry to finish the series is I want to watch the Netflix show. The first season has content from book 1 to book 4. Therefore, technically, I can watch them right now. However, they did some changes of the books in the show, and I have already been spoiled by watching ep. 1. So if you are like me, and have never read the entire series. Don’t watch the show yet lol.


I have heard nothing but good things about this book.

It is about a girl called Starr who lives in an Africa America neighborhood. She attends a fancy suburban prep school. One day her childhood best friend was shoot and died when he was unarmed by a police officer. And the press went crazy after this tragedy event. Some students at Starr’s school are discussing it as well. But they did not know Starr was actually in her childhood best friend’s car by the time he got shoot. I heard this book is informative and mind blowing, and I am looking forward to it.


This is a super hyped book. The author of this book is the same author of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. This book is about a girl called Molly, who had 26 times of secret crushes but never told the person she had a crush on. One day her twin sister’s new girlfriend introduced a cute boy into Molly’s life. And in the meantime, she met another boy at her work.

I read Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda last month and absolutely loved that book. This story happened in the same place with Simon’s story, I heard you can get some update about Simon and his friends. Which makes me super exited.


The first sentence of this book is “This is how I kill someone”. I have heard about mix things about this book last year, and I can remember nothing. Now because of the first sentense, I just want to go into this book knowing nothing.


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