The bad beginning by Lemony Snicket | Book review

The Bad Beginning (2)

Three Baudelaire children begun their day with a delightful mood, but life started to turn to a unimaginable direction. They are told their parents died in a fire by their neighbor Mr. Poe, and they need to live with their relatives according to their parents’ will. 

This is the only book I have ever read when author keep telling you that you have picked up the wrong book. The story is neither cheerful nor hopeful. While reading it, I found the author is right. Bad things keep happening to the three Baudelaire children when they have no power to control their lives and no money to live by themselves.

The story shows how different the children’s world VS the adults’ world. They see things with different value. When adults have bias on current situation and accept the bad things, it is the children who stand up and looking for a solution. Not to mention some adults are so sinful and willing to do anything to get their own benefits. (And the sinful adults have childhood too! Amazing. )

However, the three Baudelaire children are brave and intelligent, including the infant Sunny. They tired their best to communicate with the ones they thought might helped them. And they did not raise any false hope for others before they had a great solution. How thoughtful are they!

And I need to raise a question: when you were a child, have you got the feeling that no matter what you said or no matte what you did, the adults did not pay attention to your ideas! They were just like :”Oh, okay, interesting child idea!” —— This happened to me all they time when I was a child, and it is exactly what happened to the Baudelaire children. They were so related to me when they were chosen to not heard by adults.

**** Spoiler ****

When I first read it, I don’t understand if Count Olaf planned to marry Violet to get the Baudelaire’s fortune from the beginning, why didn’t he hire a judge, kidnap Sunny and force Violet to marry him in the same day. And then I realized he had to trick the judge as well because no one would want to marry him and his so called daughter.

**** End of Spoiler ****

I did not read this story when I was little, so I don’t know what I would think if I met the three Baudelaire children when I was a child. But I liked the story after all 😀


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